About us

Brew Me is the first local premium tea brand in Bali, we started our business from "CROP TO CUPS", we have our tea plantation and tea manufacturing located in Bali. The whole thing has allowed us to be totally responsible for all of the process including quality maintenance. 

Cradled in the lap of Angseri Tabanan-Bali valley, at an elevation 1,085m above sea level the Brew Me organic tea estate offers picturesque setting and-as we know-this Island of Gods has a number of volcanoes and automatically self-turn our soil into volcanic soil which makes the taste of our teas unique and different compare others, there’s an after taste of sweetness and uniqueness.

Brew Me offers a wide variety of benefits for us, as well as for the environment, through the use of earth-friendly agricultural practices. 

Our concern for environmental sustainability and social welfare inspires us to be an agent of positive change in the world and we have a blast doing it every day, with the best team imaginable.